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Complete Airfreight Services, Customized to Your Needs

Gosselin Forwarding Services provides complete airfreight shipping for

  • Direct shipments, including door-to-airport and door-to-door
  • Consolidated shipments to save you money
  • Charter shipments for special needs

We can help speed your shipment on its way with:

  • pickup at your desired location and delivery to the airport
  • proper packing for airfreight shipping
  • booking the shipment with the appropriate airline
  • providing customs clearance and documentation for Belgium and the European Union
  • delivery from the airport to the final destination

Unlike the large international carriers, Gosselin Frowarding is perfectly placed to offer you personalized service. Our people have long experience in the airfreight sector, and you can talk to them directly for advice and information. Benefits to our customers include:

  • Open, clear pricing
  • High quality, flexible service
  • Extensive distribution network for freight forwarding by barge, truck, and air

We are happy to provide you a customized proposal 24 hours after receiving your briefing.

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